This is a fan made website. This website is not connected to Cover Corp / Hololive or any other vtuber company. All videos on this website are owned by the respective streamer or company.

The goal of this website is to list and track as many VTubers as possible in order to make their discovery easier to new viewers.

Website Features


The Map lists every known VTuber and their respective company affiliation (when you zoom out). VTubers are represented as nodes and they are grouped based on their affiliation status and collaboration frequency with other VTubers. For example Tokino Sora will be in the Hololive group and if you click on her node then you can see her collab partners represented with lines and the number of collabs that happened between them.

When someone is currently streaming live you will see their node highligted with a pulse effect, if you click on them a sidebar will open with additional information such as their current stream, collab videos and overall channel videos.


Lists past and upcoming streams.

Discord Bots

General purpose discord bots that can query information from a discord chat, if you have a command suggestion please don't hesitate to suggest it.


Overall stats from across the VTuber channels, updated daily.


Website icons: xoxo_gossip_girl and konnyaksankaku

Contact Information

Twitter: @vTuberDir (News and Feature Updates)

Email: [email protected]

Discord: #vchama on Hololive Creators Club